Improving the Blockchain

BDL is a Canadian company that provides business development consulting and R&D for blockchain technology.

Past Audits

We are the only Canadian firm that offers Quantstamp approved audit certificates.
Here are some of our most popular audit reports and clients that we have helped audit.
Get a permanent, publicly verifiable security record that lives forever on Ethereum. Add the value of trust to your smart contract project.
  • We specialize in smart contract security auditing.
  • We leverage our deep expertise in formal verification to help our clients ship safe code.
  • We have a top team of PhDs and security professionals who have a     combined total of over 900 Google Scholar citations.
  • BDL is the only Canadian consulting firm that offers Quantstamp security certificates
  • Our peers trust us to solve hard problems like Plasma.

Our Services

Project Scope
and Discovery
What is your blockchain strategy?
We will evaluate your business and help you understand which blockchain use cases are an ideal fit for your company.
Blockchain Technology Integration
After understanding how blockchain technology can best support your business, we will develop the technology and assist your engineers in integrating it from front-end to
System Design and Architecture
We employ leading architects with expertise in formal verification techniques and security who have built enterprise grade systems.
Expert Smart Contract Auditing
Have you already developed a smart contract or blockchain solution? Contact us to get a white glove audit from the leading security experts in the field. Give your users confidence that your code has achieved the BDL security standard.


"When developing our Plasma MVP Implementation, we wanted to have strong security guarantees. As a scalability solution, our plasma implementations could potentially be handling massive transaction volumes. They have audited large-scale, mission-critical initiatives in the past, and working with them was an obvious decision to make."
Vansa Chatikavanij
CEO of OmiseGO
"They were great to work with. They were professional and efficient when working with us to make sure that our production contracts were secure. Their comprehensive analysis resulted in an easy to use audit report that showed where things could be improved and ultimately gave us confidence in our smart contracts.”
Mick Hagen
Founder & CEO
“Their audit process was comprehensive and streamlined. They provided thorough feedback in addition to an audit certificate and auditor’s opinion letter that gave our stakeholders confidence in our smart contracts.”
Noah Thorp
Vice President of Engineering, Sharespost

Security Researchers

Ed Zulkoski

Ed Zulkoski, Ph.D

Senior Security Engineer

Ed holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. His research there was primarily in SAT/SMT solvers and formal verification technologies, with a focus on understanding what makes SAT formulas hard or easy for solvers. Before joining BDL he worked at Microsoft Research.

Ed Zulkoski

Leonardo Passos, Ph.D

Senior Security Engineer

Senior Research Engineer Leonardo has a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo for his work on mining patterns from the Linux kernel source code and other systems. He is a Microsoft research competition medalist, with industry experience in backend development, compilers, and scalable data pipelines.

Ed Zulkoski

Alex Murashkin

Senior Software Engineer

Alex is a full-stack software engineer with advanced knowledge of Amazon Web Services and cloud computing security. He also has experience in designing and implementing distributed systems and serverless computing architectures.

Ed Zulkoski

Jan Gorzny

Blockchain Researcher

Jan is a Ph.D candidate at the University of Waterloo. His research interests include complexity theory, software verification and formal methods, discrete mathematics, and blockchain technologies.

Ed Zulkoski

Martin Derka, Ph.D

Senior Research Engineer

Martin holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He also studied at Brock University, McMaster University, Masaryk University in the Czech Republic, and has additional degrees from some of these. He is former Vanier Scholar and a brief NSERC post-doctoral fellow at Carleton University.

Richard Ma

Richard Ma

Co-founder & CEO

Richard Ma is a former software engineer at Tower Research where he developed software that handled millions of dollars using extreme testing methods. He was inspired to found BDL after investing in the DAO and experiencing the aftermath firsthand. Richard aims to secure the future of blockchain technology through the Quantstamp protocol.

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